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Introducing The Baeryn Singapore DIY Bag

Introducing The Baeryn Singapore DIY Bag

Beyond Sewing For Beginners

These kits are designed for creators of any skill level. Your result, however, is far from a basic bag. The key is in the simplicity of the designs in the collection.

By carefully choosing premium materials and classically simple structures, Baeryn delivers gorgeous statement pieces that are deceptively simple to make.

Creating your bag is as easy as choosing your perfect design.

Luxury Gifts For Her With A Handmade Touch

If you are searching for unique gifts for someone who has everything, you cannot go wrong with a handmade gift. Baeryn kits combine the thoughtfulness of hand making a present with giving a stunning wardrobe piece to your loved one. Luxury gifts for her can feel impersonal, but a Baeryn kit is truly the nexus of loving effort and high fashion.

By choosing a DIY sewing kit, you show a special level of care and intimacy. The loved one who receives this special present will feel your generosity on a deeper level.

The Right Choice For Everyone

As you shop the collection, give a note to the choices in colors, patterns, and textures. Some bags are available in different color pallets to appeal to many different women or fashion-forward men.

Choice is the flavor of life and this robust collection enables any customer to choose the perfect, personal present to show they care. When your loved one opens their bag, they’ll know you understand them and care enough to spend the time to make them something special.

Complete Sewing And Embroidery Kits

Each kit includes everything needed to create a finished design, from fusible interfacing to the fine cloth, and any sewing supplies. This empowers you to start creating as soon as your kit arrives. 

There are no last-minute surprises to keep you from realizing your handcrafted, luxury bag. Furthermore, no special skills are required.

Introducing the Baeryn Singapore DIY Bag

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