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5 Tips for Beginners: How To Sew Without A Sewing Machine

5 Tips for Beginners: How To Sew Without A Sewing Machine
  1. Hand sewing

Your grandmother was skilled at sewing by hand. You may find it a bit tedious. However, it’s one way to sew without a sewing machine. It requires just a few basic stitches to sew by hand. Sewing by hand is a slow process, but you can get the job done to perfection. All you need to do is to be a little careful to keep the balance of tension, and you can even sew a DIY bag by hand without a machine.

  1. Safety pins

Another way to sew without a sewing machine is to use safety pins. These pins an easily hold a garment together, and you don’t have to worry about them falling off. A safety pin can produce beautiful results, besides sewing fabric together.

  1. Hemming/fusible tape

Hemming tape is cost-effective and saves you a lot of time that you would spend on stitching with a sewing machine. Typically used for hemming garments, a fusible tape is a solidified adhesive designed into thin and light fabric sheets.

These adhesive sheets are easy to cut to shape. Once you have a hemming tape handy, you need an iron to make it work. A fusible tape softens when ironed. The tape melts under the impact of heat, resulting in a glue-like action that helps join the fabric together.

It is used for sticking two sheets of fabric together. A binding tape makes a perfect way to sew without a sewing machine. It is the perfect answer to making a small repair or attaching one piece of fabric with another.

  1. Fabric glue

Fabric glues are a permanent bonding alternative to sewing without a sewing machine. The fabric glue is non-toxic, machine washable, and easy to dry. An alternative to a bonding tape, fabric glue is the best sewing option that does not require heat or iron to stick.

You will find the permanent fabric glue as an excellent alternative to a sewing machine for zippers, appliques, trims, hems, patches, and crafts. Options are endless when it comes to using fabric glue. You can make a no-sew headband, pillow, and scarf.

  1. Liquid stitch

An excellent alternative to sewing, a liquid stitch is designed to adhere to different materials and fabric. This includes synthetic or natural fiber. Easily affordable and available, the liquid stitch can be used to repair your fabrics and fix whatever you want to. The no-sew solution works best as an adhesive or to repair holes in the fabric. Additionally, it is a perfect way to seal the raw edges of the fabric.

You do not always need a sewing machine to make clothing or any crafts project work. These sewing alternatives produce long-lasting results. Ready to create your own boutique gifts? Start with something simple here.